“Having been to another geriatric center and having been disappointed, I am quite pleased to meet the staff here: Kind, compassionate, with expertise and professionalism… This center is leading the way in treating the elderly. They are practical, resourceful, and focused on the patient, providing answers to tough questions —  the quality of life improves dramatically.”

Alice I.

“The staff was so helpful and friendly.”

Judith B.

“The entire staff is excellent… fantastic and compassionate.”   Regarding Research and Neuropsychological Evaluation at the CRCNJ: “Dr. Papka is an amazing, brilliant, compassionate and understanding woman. The best I’ve ever met and I met many being almost 74.”

Kenneth H.

“…the staff is wonderful. They easily exhibit caring, concern and the fact that they know who you are as a person.”

Joan F.

“Very friendly, courteous and helpful. Willing to share information and sensitive to patient’s needs. The experience here has been very beneficial for my wife and positive in dealing with her diagnosis.”

Rev Taras Chubenko

“Location is excellent with plenty of parking. Staff is friendly and supportive and Dr. Papka is fantastic. I don’t know where I would be without the CRCNJ.”

Fran W.

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