Frequently Asked Questions About Clinical Services

What services does the CRCNJ offer? Who would benefit from these services?

The CRCNJ offers many services, including neuropsychological evaluations, psychotherapy, psycho educational services, and support groups for patients and caregivers. The CRCNJ specializes in age-related dementia and adult cognitive disorders, but also does service teens and adolescents.

What is neuropsychology and how can it be helpful?

Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships. Clinical neuropsychologists apply this knowledge to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with neurological, psychiatric, or other medical conditions. Neuropsychologists gather a range of information about each patient, including a detailed history and measures of cognitive and behavioral functioning. This information is obtained by review of past medical records, an interview with the patient and family, and direct patient assessment. The neuropsychological assessment may yield findings not observable using other techniques, such as brain imaging or gross neurological examination. The information obtained by a neuropsychological evaluation can be instrumental in helping the patient and family cope better with existing behaviors and symptoms.

Who needs a neuropsychological evaluation?

Often, patients are referred for neuropsychological assessment by other medical professionals such as neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and primary care physicians. However, many patients are self-referred as well, or referred by concerned family members or friends. Among the range of reasons why an adult might be referred for a neuropsychological assessment include:
• changes in cognitive functioning
• changes in personality
• changes in behavior

Who benefits from psychotherapy? What are some of the possible outcomes?

You do not need to have a diagnosis or crisis to benefit from psychotherapy. Everyone benefits from the opportunity to talk, be heard, and understood. Doing so with a trained professional, like specialized clinicians, in a safe environment has many advantages. Here are just some of the advantages and outcomes of psychotherapy:
• Improved relationships
• Increased self esteem and self confidence
• Sense of empowerment
• Improved problem-solving abilities
• Reduced stress
• Increased healthfulness
• Better understanding of oneself
• Clarity of past, present, and future
• Development of tolerance for self and others
• Increased awareness and control of behaviors
• Recognition of all possibilities
• Increased realization of opportunities
• Sense of peacefulness

Does the CRCNJ accept medical insurance?

The CRCNJ participates with traditional Medicare. If you are not a recipient of traditional Medicare, we require out-of-pocket pay, but CRCNJ services may be reimbursable by your carrier. Additional information can be found in the Fees and Payment form contained in each packet for each evaluation. We accept credit card, check, or cash payments.

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