Diet and Lifestyle Coaching

With Sharon Goldner
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Do you seek diet and lifestyle habits that may help to improve…?

■    memory
■     thinking skills
■     mood
■     sleep
■     energy
■     weight
■     digestion
■     nutritional consumption
■     immune system and positive outlook

My job as a Health Coach is to help you find the food and lifestyle choices to optimize how you feel and function every day.

I will provide you with the tools and encouragement to:

■    create a diet that will satisfy your hunger, give you energy and manage your weight.
■    incorporate delicious recipes and menu plans into your routine with time management strategies.
■    take control of your diet at restaurants and on-the-go.
■    become a smart shopper—spend less and get more variety and nutritional value from your purchases.
■    find productive ways to de-stress and re-energize.
■    commit to regular exercise that you enjoy.
■    seek balance and happiness through social stimulation and activities.

The program includes:

■     50-minute individual sessions scheduled at your convenience
■     food samples to take home
■     menu plans and recipes
■     new healthy snack ideas
■     A grocery store tour
■     e-mail support between sessions
■     discussion of supplements, medical food and alternative treatments
■     possibilities for off-site cooking instruction

Find out how changing your habits could make life easier and more fulfilling! 

We will evaluate your specific health concerns, establish some realistic goals and expectations and create a customized program just for you.

50-minute Introductory Consultation:  $75

50-minute Health Coaching session:  $150

5-session Health Coaching package: $675 (10% discount) Includes a grocery store tour

Health coaching services are not covered by insurance plans.

Schedule a 50-minute Introductory Consultation